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The vision


The charging stations were created out of a vision to make solar energy accessible to people in their every day, in a social way.


The re:charge encourage people to sit together while they are charging their smartphones, to enjoy its shadow, have a sort small talk and perhaps changing their mind as well:)


In this way, we will be able to expose people to the use of green energy on a daily basis.

This will increase the awareness of the subject and the desire to change the consumption habits

מתקן סולארי לטעינת סמארטפון
We Are

Yarden Karko and Ofer Oringer, have developed the re:charge facility for the first time in 2013, as part of the incubation of academic entrepreneurship and under the auspices of the

"HaPoalim" Bank's Social Responsibility Department.


Today, the project is functioning as the experienced and leading company in Israel that operates public facilities for solar charging, thanks to local production and full response for installation, insurance, and maintenance


Until now, we have installed over 30 solar charging points nationwide

Among our clients are municipal authorities, campuses of leading colleges and universities, conference centers and office and hi-tech complexes

העץ הנדיב שיטעין סמארטפונים
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